Veronnica Volkmann

My name is Veronnica, I was born in Santa Clarita, and Iíve been piercing for just over 5 years. I apprenticed under a 15 year piercer by the name of Todd Yoder. I was also the only female, and only one of five to ever complete an apprenticeship under him. To both his and my own surprise, I was a natural and fell in love with the craft. After two years I found myself branching out, craving stimulation and wanted to broaden my horizons. I later found myself working with some amazingly talented, well-known artists and piercers at locations such as Studio City Tattoo, Body and Soul Tattoo and Tattoos Deluxe with Greg James. Several years after my adventures, I came back to my roots at Simi Valley Tattoo. I now find myself at Clear Vision Tattoo surrounded by even more phenomenal tattoo artists. I am still furthering my education through the Association of Professional Piercers, and strive to meet their standards as well as keeping up on industry trends. As a piercer, Iím best known for my speed, precision, gentle touch and knowledge. I look forward to working with you!