Jessica C. Barros

Jessica C. Barros started out drawing during her second semester in college while studying biology. Falling in love with art she changed her major and switched schools going to The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan; finishing up at Rowan University with a Narrative illustrations and Media Marketing background. She began apprenticing at Omkara Tattoo and finished her apprenticeship at Headlight Tattoo under Harry Ake and Liz Glitz for 2 years. During her apprenticeship Barros was the In-House Artist for Underwater Mountains publishing where she designed 100s of book covers and inner book illustrations. When she got her Tattoo Practitioner license, Jessica moved to Miami and worked as a tattoo artist at Inkside Tattoos. After a long move driving across the country she found an awesome home at Clear Vision Tattoo.

Now in the tattoo industry for 5 years, Jessica works mostly in black and gray realism. Doing a bit of everything along the way. Still doing freelance artwork here and there as well as personal large scale pieces. She is looking forward to having a permanent home in the area doing what she loves, art and tattooing.

Check out her Instagram for more updates and pictures of her recent work: @JCBarrosTattoo